Your vacation in Cuba - Other services

We will gladly recommend other accommodation in Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and other cities you might want to visit during you vacation in Cuba. We will suggest a tour guide, a diving school, transportation by old-timer vehicles a salsa class or a mountain bike trip.

Tour guide in Cuba

We will arrange a tour guide in Cuba, who will show you the best sights, the most beautiful beaches, and the wildest bars where Cubans come to drink, dance and sing!


Let us help you with the transportation in Cuba. Would you like to hire a car from 1950s with a driver, rent a car and drive by yourselves? Or rather use a Cuban bus?

Salsa classes

We will introduce you to the best local teachers of salsa, son, reggeaton and other dances taught in Santiago de Cuba. You can have a private class with them.

Don't be afraid to ask!

We are locals, we know what is the best around here and we will gladly help you to plan the best Cuba vacation for you.